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Beyond the Stars

Welcome to Heart of a Warrior - the Worf Fanlisting

Welcome to Heart of a Warrior, the Indie Fanlistings approved Fanlisitng for Worf. Worf has been my favourite Star Trek character for years, ever since I watched Star Trek: The Next Generation in the late 80's early 90's and was glad when he showed up as a main character in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. If you love Worf as much as I do, then please join the fanlisting.


Site opened: 1st September, 2010
Fanlisting owned since: 1st September, 2010
Members: 7
Pending: 0
Last Update: 10th September, 2016
Update Details: Fanlisting updated.

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Fan Listing Collective: Kobayshi Maru


No money is being made from this site and no copyright infringement is intended. It is for entertainment purposes only - created by a fan for fans. All images used in the fanlisting are either screencaps from the shows Star Trek: Deep Space Nine or Star Trek: The Next Generation, or from book covers published by Pocket Books. I am in no way affiliated with Paramount, directors, writers, actors etc that are associated with Star Trek.