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Welcome to Space Wolves, the Indie Fanlistings approved fan listing for Shistavanens, an alien species from the Star Wars Universe. I created this fan listing to show my love for this little known but intriguing race from the Star Wars universe. I have been a fan of shistavanens since I created my first original character for my early attempts at writing Star Wars fan fiction. As they appear little in the books, films, animated series, etc, I felt the need to fill in the gaps and most of my stories centre around them.


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No money is being made from this site and no copyright infringement is intended. It is for entertainment purposes only. Images, including banners, avatars and buttons are based on artwork from different sources including: The Clone Wars Animated Series (The Cartoon Network version), the artist Amy Pronovost, Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Characters, The Star Wars Technical Journal, and others. (Where-ever possible, images have been credited to its source.) No copyright infringement is intended and this website is for entertainment purposes only - created by a fan for fans.

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