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Shistavanens are a biped species from the Uvena System. They have a wolf-like appearance, hence their commonly used nickname "Wolfman." The main planets of the Uvena System are: Uvena Prime (the capital), Uvena II and Uvena III.


Like most canine-like races, Shistavanens have pronounced muzzles, claws on their hands and feet, teeth adapted to a carnivorous diet and wolf-like ears on the top of their heads. Shistavanens have large eyes which glow when light shines on them in the dark and can run for long periods of time at high speed without tiring and could run both on their hind legs or on all fours. Because they are hunters, Shistavanens have a keen sense of smell and excellent night vision in comparison to non-hunters. They also possess a healing ability which allow them to recover from minor wounds quite quickly, and recover from sustaining larger wounds within a few days.


Shistavanens evolved on Uvena Prime, within the Uvena System. In addition to natural evolution, Shistavanens also experienced genetic manipulation by unknown genetic engineers.

In general, Shistavanens are isolationists. This is shown by their tendency to colonize all the unpopulated worlds within the Uvena System to prevent non-Shistavanens from settling there. They also have trade laws which favoured their own kind over off-worlders and do not, in general, mix with non-Shistavanens much. Most of their technology is similar to the rest of the galaxy, though sometimes their technology isn't quite as sophisticated.

Some Shistavanens were more outgoing than the rest of their kind and travelled throughout the hyperlanes of the galaxy. Even so, these adventurers usually keep to themselves, or with others of their own kind. As a result of their natural predatory instincts, keen senses (including hearing, eyesight and smell), Shistavanens usually find employment as scouts, mercenaries or bounty hunters. Some became accomplished pilots and if they were Force-Sensitive, were also trained as Jedi. Many non-Shistavanens react badly to them, in part due to their isolationist culture and because of their predatory appearance put other species on edge.

Depsite the xenophobia towards non-Humans, Imperial agents regularly employed Shistatavens to track down criminals, Rebels and other persons of interest during the days of the Galactic Empire.


Hovrak, Diversity Alliance Adjutant Advisor
Voolvif Monn, Clone Wars-era Jedi Master
Riv Shiel, Rogue Squadron pilot
Severian, bounty hunter
Lak Sivrak, former Imperial scout, Rebel Alliance soldier and pilot
Caet Shrovl, member of Rock Squadron of the Khuiumin Survivors, Mercenaries utilized by Leonia Tavira of the Invidious


The Uvena System is the home system of the Shistavanen species. It consists of the planets, Uvena Prime, Uvena II and Uvena III. These planets orbit the star, Uvena. The Uvena System resides in the Seswenna sector on the Outer Rim, at the intersection of the Rimma Trade Route and the Hydian Way.

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