Here is a list of fanlistings that I currently own or are upcoming. Enjoy!


Title: Dark Heart of Winter
Subject: Winterheart's Guild
Subcatory: Sonata Arctica
Opened: 9th November, 2010
URL: http://kobayashi-maru.dead-winters-night.uk/winterheart/index.html
Fans: 1


Title: Grey Ghost
Subject: European Badger
Subcatory: Mammals: Other Carnivores/Insectivores/Omnivores
Opened: 1st October, 2010
URL: http://kobayashi-maru.dead-winters-night.uk/badgers/index.html
Fans: 6

Title: Painted Wolves
Subject: African Wild Dogs
Subcatory: Mammals: Canines
Opened: 23rd April, 2011
URL: http://kobayashi-maru.dead-winters-night.uk/africanwilddog/index.htm
Fans: 3

Title: Terror of the Cretaceous
Subject: Deinonychus
Subcatory: Reptiles
Opened: 1st December, 2011
URL: http://kobayashi-maru.dead-winters-night.uk/deinonychus/index.html
Fans: 1


Title: Feel the Magic, Hear the Roar!
Subject: Thundercats
Subcatory: T.V. Shows
Opened: 15th February, 2011
URL: http://kobayashi-maru.dead-winters-night.uk/thundercats/index.php
Fans: 10


Title: Enter the Otherworld
Subject: Kelley Armstrong
Subcatory: None
Opened: 16th July 2009
URL: http://kobayashi-maru.dead-winters-night.uk/kelleyarmstrong/index.php
Fans: 5

Title: Wolf's Heart, Wolf's Soul
Subject: Jane Lindskold
Subcatory: None
Opened: 16th August 2009
URL: http://kobayashi-maru.dead-winters-night.uk/janelindskold/index.php
Fans: 1

Title: Once A Hero
Subject: Michael A. Stackpole
Subcatory: None
Opened: 16th August 2009
URL: http://kobayashi-maru.dead-winters-night.uk/michaelstackpole/home.php
Fans: 3

Title: Hand of Zahn
Subject: Timothy Zahn
Subcatory: None
Opened: 1st August 2011
URL: http://kobayashi-maru.dead-winters-night.uk/zahn/index.php
Fans: 2

Characters: Book/Movie:

Title: Guardian
Subject: Beorn
Subcatory: The Lord of the Rings and Other Middle Earth Books
Opened: 1st December, 2012
URL: http://kobayashi-maru.dead-winters-night.uk/beorn/index.php
Fans: 1

Title: Master Scribe
Subject: Ori
Subcatory: The Lord of the Rings and Other Middle Earth Books
Opened: 15th September, 2014
URL: http://dead-winters-night.uk/ori/
Fans: 1

Title: Survivor
Subject: Kyp Durron
Subcatory: Star Wars
Opened: 9th December, 2010
URL: http://kobayashi-maru.dead-winters-night.uk/kyp_durron/index.php
Fans: 1

Title: Space Wolves
Subject: Shistavanens
Subcatory: Star Wars
Opened: 1st September, 2010
URL: http://kobayashi-maru.dead-winters-night.uk/shistavanen/index.php
Fans: 1

Title: Misfits
Subject: Wraith Squadron
Subcatory: Star Wars
Opened: 15th July, 2011
URL: http://kobayashi-maru.dead-winters-night.uk//wraithsquadron/index.php
Fans: 1

Title: Rogue Leader
Subject: Wedge Antilles
Subcatory: Star Wars
Opened: 20th February, 2013
URL: http://kobayashi-maru.dead-winters-night.uk/wedgeantilles/index.php
Fans: 1

Title: Heroes
Subject: Rogue Squadron
Subcatory: Star Wars
Opened: 13th March, 2013
URL: http://kobayashi-maru.dead-winters-night.uk/rogues/index.php
Fans: 1

Characters: T.V. Shows:

Title: Heart of a Warrior
Subject: Worf
Subcatory: Star Trek
Opened: 1st September, 2010
URL: http://kobayashi-maru.dead-winters-night.uk/worf/index.php
Fans: 4

Title: Hot Blooded
Subject: B'elanna Torres
Subcatory: Star Trek
Opened: 25th June 2011
URL: http://kobayashi-maru.dead-winters-night.uk/belannatorres/index.php
Fans: 4


Title: Life
Subject: David Attenborough
Subcategory: Wildlife Documentaries
Opened: 18th March, 2012
URL: http://kobayashi-maru.dead-winters-night.uk/da/index.html
Fans: 2

T.V. Shows:

Title: Caring for Every Living Thing
Subject: All Creatures Great and Small
Opened: 19th June 2011
URL: http://kobayashi-maru.dead-winters-night.uk/jamesherriot/index.html
Fans: 1