Want to Affiliate?

Before you do so please remember that I want to affiliate my collective with people I consider friends. I think the reason for this is quite clear. Too many people just seem to want you to link to them online so that they will get traffic, and don't bother taking it further than that. If that's the case, then why bother? It's just like "stamp" collecting on Facebook or Myspace where you just randomly add people because they're there! Also, it wouldn't be asking much if affiliates updated their site from time to time and keep me informed of changes to your site (moving, etc) so that I can keep this section up to date. The reason for this is that I've affiliated with a lot of sites in the past that haven't bothered. I want my experience online to be more than that. So, if you're still interested, then...please fill in the form on the Site page.




None yet.