What is a Fan Listing? A fan listing is a website that brings together fans of a certain thing, be it a film, actor, animal, novel, litature genre - what ever you're a fan of, really. They consist of a list of fans from different countries, a join form and a page of "codes" or link buttons which fans can use to link to the website. Some are quite simple, just having a list of fans, others can have extras like downloadable avatars which can be used on livejournal and forums, information about the subject - for example, this fan listing has a reading list and links to the author's website. Sometimes they can even have fan works. The fanlistings which have extras on it are the ones I like, because it shows that the owner really loves the subject if they have time to make the fan list into something which stands out from others, and aren't just "collectors."

Kelley Armstrong

You have stumbled across the fan listing for the Canadian supernatural novelist, Kelley Armstrong. Her books include: Bitten, Stolen, Dime Store Magic, Industrial Magic, Haunted and No Humans Involved. She has also written several short stories and novellas some of which are avilable to read for free online on her website. As well as her supernatural novels, Kelley Armstrong has written two books about a featuring hitwoman, Nadia Stafford which are called Exit Strategy and Made to be Broken. Kelley Armstrong has also recently published a young adult trilogy, called The Darkest Powers. Her young adult series will continue with The Calling, which will be out in 2012. Her "final" book in the Women of the Otherworld Series will be out in July 2012 called Thirteen.