Welcome to Painted Wolves, The Fanlistings.org approved fanlisting for The African Wild Dog, (Lycaon pictus).

The African Wild Dog is an highly Endangered pack hunting canid found, as it's name suggests, in Africa.

I decided to call the fanlisting Painted Wolves because this is the direct translation of its scientfic name.

If you are a fan of this unique animal, please join the fanlisting.

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Owned: 23rd April, 2011
Opened: 23rd April, 2011
Last updated: 9th December 2013
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Fanlisting Collective: Kobayashi Maru

Disclaimer and Credits

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It is for entertainment purposes only and hopefully by visiting this site, people will learn something or become inspired to support the conservation of this animal.

All images and sources of information used on this site have been credited to their source where possible.

If you are a Zoology, Biology or Wildlife Conservation student, then you'll find the sources in the link page more useful than this fanlisting.