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Been a While

Joined some fanlistings today and fixed/updated and moved a few things. My main project now is Legends of Arda, which takes up a lot of my time these days when I feel inclined to do some internet stuff. Fanlistings don't hold the appeal to me that they once did, though I still want to get through everything. I want to make them more into a shrine/fansite now when I have the inspriation to do it, rather than just making listings. With FLs, it's very easy to make a layout, do graphics and not do anything else with them and go on to make another...

Posted by Emimar on 16th June, 2018

Ori done

It has been a while since I posted an update, even though I've been working on the FLs. Sometimes, I just forget to do it! Today I finished the Ori fanlisting. I'm no longer applying for FLs at TFL.Org as I'm fed up of their nit picking and passive aggressive threats to put fls on the 'troubles' list before you've even properly opened them. It's silly. I am working on a solution to this problem, however. A directory (which is what it really is) needs to be approachable and friendly, not harsh and judging.

Posted by Emimar on 9th August, 2016

Rogue Squadron sorted

I've finished converting the Rogue Squadron FL to Bella Buffs and fixed all the broken stuff and it is now officially open once again! I am not rushing the reboot, just doing an FL once a week, or so, until it's all been fixed. In addition to this, the Shistavanen FL and the Wedge Antilles FL are also up and running again.

Posted by Emimar on 29th March, 2016

Rebooting the Collective

The collective is coming back, after being down for a while due to domain issues. It will take some time to get everything sorted, but so far, I've managed to get Beyond the Stars, Howling Icons and Howling Pixels back, so I shall begin work on the collective soon. The question I face is to keep the fls as they are, or try to convert them to Bella Buffs. I don't know yet. I might keep them as they are for now, and do that at a later date.

Posted by Emimar on 23rd February, 2016

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